It is very simple, folks.


  1. Click on the “Nominate a couple” button below to nominate a couple.
  2. After a successful submission, you will automatically be redirected to our Valentines EVENT VIDEO on Facebook.
  3. SHARE the video and include the following in your post – be creative with it:

    I am nominating Jane Doe and John Doe (enter real names) to enter into the Valentines Mega Concert GRAND RAFFLE. Tag the COUPLE you are nominating.”

  4. The COUPLE you are nominating MUST ACCEPT nomination by sharing – saying “I accept this nomination.”
  5. When you reach 100 LIKES and 10 SHARES, screenshot and inbox your result to UBAFU Entertainment’s Facebook page.
    NOTE: If participants don’t reach 100 LIKES and 10 SHARES by deadline, the person(s) with the most LIKES and SHARES will be selected.


The person doing the nominating (YOU) must get a minimum of 10 SHARES and 100 LIKES on their post by February 15th, midnight (12am).

LIVE on the Open Your Eyes morning show:
The names of the first three people to reach 100 LIKES and 10 SHARES will be announced on the Open Your Eyes morning show on February 15th at 7:45am.

GRAND RAFFLE WINNERS will be selected and announced LIVE on Belize In America:
The name of the person with the most SHARES by “February 15th, 6pm (Central Time)” will be announced, along with the names of the couple they nominated during a LIVE Facebook broadcast at 6:30pm that same day. Tune in LIVE on Belize In America’s Facebook Page.

Have fun!!!! ūüôā

Nominate a couple!