“… because of you, I am.  Because of me, you are.”  – Nelson Mandela, in describing the South African concept of Ubuntu in a 2006 interview.

The concept of Ubuntu captures the spirit of what UBAFU Marketing & Entertainment is all about: helping bring the business/professional world and the entertainment world together in a spirit of partnership and brotherhood to sponsor cultural events, promote a positive message, and help build stronger communities.

In short, UBAFU helps businesses and artists build their brand by leveraging old world social networking and community involvement with the latest in digital marketing expertise to bring people together and help businesses and artists grow.

UBAFU, from the Garifuna word that means power, is a digital marketing agency in Belize that specializes in video production, event promotion, sponsorship development, social media marketing, talent management and much more!  The agency is made up of two main business units: Marketing and Entertainment.  Both sides of the business work hand in hand to promote music, concerts and other events that help bring people together and keep them looking forward to something new.  UBAFU helps bring people the entertainment that will excite them and make them feel the power of Belize’s diverse culture.