Innovator, entrepreneur and passionate cultural advocate for all things Belize, Cyril Uruwei is the founder and creative force behind UBAFU Marketing & Entertainment … a truly unique and dynamic marketing company that helps the business world and the entertainment world come together in a spirit of partnership and brotherhood to sponsor cultural events, promote a positive message, and help build stronger communities.

Partnership Benefits

Six Weeks of Radio Ads and Aggressive Digital Marketing For Maximum Brand Exposure

  • Your Company Featured in Recap/Thank You Video (After Event):
    Your company brand will be the included in the event’s Recap Video.

  • EXCLUSIVE Video Highlights sponsored by Old Master (After Event):
    Your company will be the exclusive sponsor for a special segment in the event’s recap video.

  • Your Company Logo Prominent on Stage Banner:
    Ensure maximum visibility for your brand with a prominent placement on the stage banner, visible to all attendees.

  • Decorate the stage with company brand:
    Showcase your brand’s creativity and style by providing decorations for the stage, ensuring your brand is front and center at this prestigious event.

  • Share a VIDEO AD/Promo during our Weekly LIVE:
    Take advantage of our weekly live show to promote your company with a sponsored video ad and a giveaway segment.

  • Full-Screen Banner during LIVE:
    Highlight your company with a full-screen banner ad during our live interviews, reaching a wider audience.

  • Mention in OFFICIAL Promo Video:
    Your company will be prominently featured in our attention-grabbing promo video, reaching a wide audience through organic and paid advertising.

  • Mentioned on ALL Media Appearances:
    Benefit from mentions of your company and products/services during our appearances on various radio and TV stations.

  • Your Company Shirt / Brand at Event:
    Increase brand visibility with two staff members wearing shirts featuring your company’s logo.

  • Brand Event Grounds:
    Have your company’s brand displayed prominently throughout the event grounds, ensuring maximum exposure.

  • Mention in Radio Ads Across The country:
    Reach a wide audience with mentions of your company in our captivating radio ads airing across the country.

  • Company logo on ALL Printed and digital platforms:
    Ensure your company’s logo is featured on all printed and digital platforms related to the event, including the website and social media.

  • Public Announcement Mentions at event:
    Enjoy periodic recognition and thanks from our MCs during the event for your partnership.

  • Partners Seating Privileges:
    Receive VIP seating for five (5) at the event, allowing you to enjoy the concert in style.

  • Tickets Giveaways:
    Giveaway five tickets on our LIVE Weekly Show, showcasing your generosity and partnership with the event.


Emeni Hawani Gurigian
Emeni Hawani Gurigian


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