Baila Punta! Punta Rock Concert in Corozal Belize




BAILA PUNTA!!! Punta Rock Concert in Corozal, Belize.

It’s an all-out cultural experience on Saturday October 29 in Corozal Town, the gateway to Ancient Chactemal, As Ubafu Entertainment brings to Northern part of Belize “La Fiesta Defintivian or La Fiesta Maxima”, “Baila Punta” hosted by John Palacio and featuring Gilharry 7 Band, Mime Martinez and starring El General “Super G”.


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Event Details

Date: October 29, 2022

Start time: 07:00 p.m. CST

End time: 03:30 a.m. CST

Venue: Corozal Town

Phone: (501) 607-1116