Thank you for your Sponsorship

Thank you for your sponsorship!

We are thrilled that you have agreed to be one of our proud partners for our upcoming Father’s Day concert in Hopkins Village – The Extra Mature Garifuna Soul Concert: Dubbed WALAGANTE!. Your support is kept in the highest regard. We can’t wait to show you how a partnership with UBAFU Marketing & Entertainment will reap long term benefits for your establishment.

This initiative provides a unique platform to reach a diverse and engaged audience interested in cultural experiences and travel. Your partnership will not only support the success of the initiative but also position establishment as a socially responsible and forward-thinking company.

At the end of the event, we will share a video with you that could be added on your website as one of your community initiatives.

To start preparing artwork for marketing and promotions, kindly send us your logo and any marketing material you believe we could use in order to effectively promote your brand. Please also suggest verbiage that you would like us to use for promotions.

Below are two payment options available:

Belize Bank Transfer
UBAFU Marketing
Belize Bank

Zelle Payment:

Once again, thank you for your partnership, and we look forward to showcasing the best of Belizean culture with your brand by our side.

Sincerely Yours in Culture,

Cyril Uruwei

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Emeni Hawani Gurigian
Emeni Hawani Gurigian